I will estimate the price that maximizes your revenue based on your cost and demand function. for $47

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Are you ready to open up shop, but just don't know what to charge for one of your products or services?

I am a CFA Level II Candidate who needs to pay for the next exam in June and you will benefit from my training in microeconomics as well as my past experience as the Monetization Manager of a small software development studio.

From your recent or seasonal sales data, I will arrive at an estimated price that will maximize revenue and prevent you from over-pricing and building up excess inventory.

You will send me recent sales data for ONE product/service (or quantity of hours billed in a given time period), along with your cost per unit, and I will send you the estimated price that maximizes revenue.

Let's do business.

What is included

  • Hand-written model with your data as the inputs.

What is not included

  • Spreadsheet not included.

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Currently: Alternative Investment Analyst (California, USA) Currently: CFA Level II Candidate 2012-2014, Monetization Manager at In Vitro (Virginia, USA) 2009-2012, Price Analyst at JDPC (California, USA)

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