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Having a completely fresh pair of eyes, that aren't too close to the project is always a plus. With the beta reading approach, you can gain some valuable insight into your book, novel, or comic before you publish it. Everyone hates criticism. It just doesn't feel good to have something you work on picked apart. However, this is necessary to grow in your field. I am a freelance writer, who has written many pieces over the years, including scripts/screenplays, fiction stories, and articles, and I currently own and operate a video game entertainment website with frequently published articles. I have great attention to detail, and have an understanding of the more complex ideologies/psychology and symbolism/philosophy that many writers try to invoke in their stories. I will give you constructive criticism and ways to improve, not make you feel as if you cannot write. All manuscripts will be kept strictly confidential, and treated professionally and with integrity. Let me help you create the best story possible with my advice and feedback regarding your project!

What is included

  • A list of the areas that need improvement, marked by page number and highlighted, followed by the suggestions.
  • An extra appendix list of all the changes I would make and what was particularly engaging, crucial to the story, and what was impressive.
  • Valuable feedback regarding flow and fluency, readability, syntax, grammar, punctuation, character development and descriptions, dialogue, continuity and more!

What is not included

  • Writing the story for you.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • If these are something you are interested in however, please see my other Task Army services.
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Writer- Editor- Actor- Model- Musician- SEO Blogger- Film & Game Enthusiast- Father- Partner- Creative I am a freelancer who has been writing part-time for many years and has finally decided to make the push into full-time employment. I have written many scripts/screenplays, short stories, novels, children's books, reviews, product descriptions, resumes and much, much more, My key strengths lie in my creativity and mastery of the English language, to express my writing through many styles, be it serious, engaging and/or humorous. I am an avid reader, viewer, and player of many books, films, shows and video games so I excel at any articles regarding this area. Along with freelancing, I also own and operate a video game entertainment website and YouTube channel. I research, write and edit the published articles on a frequent basis. If you would like some samples of my writing style and/or work, please visit my website at: www.sharktankgaming.com I believe that with my dedication and commitment to high-quality work, along with my very reasonable rates, you will find a writer you can depend on and utilise for any of your writing needs. I will endeavour to meet client satisfaction 100% of the time and guarantee that your time (and money) was well spent. Thank you in advance for your future orders and I look forward to working with you. Kind Regards, Rick Melfi

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