I will do super fast typing job of 20 pages for $10

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I am able to type very fast focused on achieved result.

I am a committed person with great concentration, attention to details, interested to continue professional development, personal characteristics that I want to show you.

I am a very good typist with proper knowledge of MS-Word.

I don't use any OCR programs.

I manually type these documents into doc file.

I am able to type in two languages: one is my native language, Romanian and the other one is English.

I can type up to 70 words/min without mistakes.

I also do data entry job: copy, paste, typing and organize the document.

I type from PDF, Images or any kind of scan documents.

I can type up to 20 pages per gig.

If you have questions please inbox me.

Thank you for your attention!

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Hello.Thank you for visiting my profile.I'm a person who take work seriously.I promise my customers that I'll respect their money and if I can’t make their order right, then I’ll give them a refund.I want to give you the best.Feel free to contact me with any form of request relating to my skills. I have competent in using: Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, Software used to edit digital images, Marketing online and other. I also have certifications in: computer operating skills and HR inspector. I am looking forward in working with anyone interested.

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