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Please contact me BEFORE ordering to make sure I have the appropriate skills,(and time), to deliver a quality product.


I will write you a sizzling, compelling, and informative product/service description that will highlight the positive qualities of your item or service and convince buyers to purchase!

I am a native English speaker with excellent grammar and spelling skills.

I write in an appropriate tone for your specific corporate image and the products you are trying to sell.

I don't write unnecessary filler content.

I can make technical details fun and interesting. Give me the OK to add my creative flair to your technical description, and I'll make it engaging for the reader.

I charge $6.00 for every 150 words, including titles, bullet points, etc.
This work is for one product or service, if you have multiple products, contact me before ordering.

I am an NYU graduate with a BA, and a former Peace Corps volunteer (Panama) with a strong corporate background.

I'll stay in touch with you and be as communicative as you would like me to be. I'm a great hand-holder and brainstormer.

Contact me now to see free samples of my writing!

I look forward to working with you!

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