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A landing page is an online marketing technique that could do wonders for your business. Essentially, a landing page is the first page a user comes to when visiting your website. Most commonly this is your homepage. But you can do more than this. What if you have a special offer you want to inform potential customers about? Do you have a sale on? Or is there something you just want to tell the world about? Don't put it on your homepage that is already chock-full with other information. Create an individual landing page - it will be more effective and is guaranteed to get your message across quickly and directly.

If you are in a service-related business, your main objective may be to generate leads. Your visitors arrive on a landing page that presents a strong case for solving the visitor's problem, conveys trust and credibility, includes a low-risk offer and requests that the visitor complete an inquiry form. The visitor may be enticed to complete the form in exchange for a complimentary consultation or report. Whenever possible, the visitor's permission is obtained at that time to add them to your mailing list. You might include a check box (checked) that says "I would like to receive information by email from [Your Company Name]." The overall goal of this landing page is to receive leads from the inquiry form and to create a database of people who have opted-in to your list and have agreed to receive your information by email. Your response to inquiries and your list can play a major role in converting prospects into loyal repeat customers for years to come.

What you need to do is to supply me with the domain of the product you are marketing and the email to receive the production.Any product of your choice or any affiliate product.

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Hey there, I am Rufansa, a certified graphic designer at Ingenious Folks. I have professional expertise in the fields of web designing and providing business solutions. My skillset includes :- ◘ Web Designing & Development ◘ Print Media ◘ Branding ◘ Re-branding ◘ Strategy Planning ◘ Social Media Marketing ◘ Online marketing ◘ SEO ◘ Video & Motion Graphics ◘ Mobile App Development So whether you’re a veteran, a newbie, or your brand needs a reboot, I’ll help you get exactly what you want. Ping me at:- hireus.ingeniousfolks@gmail.com

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