I will write a regular expression for PHP, Python, JS, or htaccess for $8

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I will write a regular expression for your scripts in PHP, Python, JavaScript, or write htaccess rules using the regex.

I will also write regular expressions for:

✓ Validating user input (e-mail, dates, passwords, ...) ✓ Formatting information according to your need ✓ Correct syntax or format multiple files simultaneously ✓ Extract information from websites for various purposes ✓ In software that uses regular expressions for some specific functions ✓ In Find and Replace in text editor.

Before placing the order, please be sure to have a clear and specific general description and / or several specific string examples ready to submit - feel free to message me with clarifying questions first.

What is included

  • You will receive a string containing a working regular expression for your specific language.
  • I will also provide a short example script(up to 50 lines) if you have difficulty implementing it in your code.

What is not included

  • Large script implementing the task, if not doable with a Regex.

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I am offering my very own services here on Taskarmy. I deliver high quality output in a fast, friendly but professional manner. If you need someone reliable to meet your deadlines, you are welcome.

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