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This service is only available to our customers who previously ordered our copy hunting service. Before making an order, make sure you are satisfied with the report we've sent to you.


We will request content removal from piracy sites by contacting site administrators, copyright agents, domain registrars and hosting providers.


-First we contact infringing websites to remove illegal content from their servers. -If the administrator or copyright agent does not respond to our request, we contact him/her again. This time we include all information about his/her personal details, registrar and hosting provider information. We also warn the administrator or copyright agent about the possible consequences if he/she does not cooperate. In most of the cases this step is effective. -If the content is not removed by the administrator we contact Registrar and Hosting provider to take appropriate actions. -We deliver our service within 14 days. Some content may be removed after delivery. This depends on third party services like websites, registrars and hosting providers. -Please Note! We do not create an individual report for removed content, because the overall process may take longer than our delivery time. -After we delivered our service, the report we sent previously (copy hunting report) serves as an evidence we finished our job. Simply click the links in the report. The content should be removed from the pages provided in the report. -In case you want to make sure we did our job as promised, please contact us. We will download and send you all the emails we sent and received.


-We need a written permission to act on your behalf (your company name, your company address, your name and signature, our personal information and our signature) Please contact us before making an order! -While our service is efficient in most of the cases (95-99%), we can not guarantee all your content will be removed by third party services.


$30 | 10 Links | $3 / Link $60 | 25 Links | $2.40 / Link $90 | 40 Links | $2.25 / Link $120 | 64 Links | $1.87 / Link $150 | 100 Links | $1.50 / Link $210 | 175 Links | $1.20 / Link $270 | 240 Links | $1.12 / Link $360 | 400 Links | $0.90 / Link


Simply increase the quantity of your order. Example: 40 links Package for $90 = $30 X 3

*PLEASE NOTE Delivery time depends on the actions taken by third party services. We will contact infringing sites within 1-5 business days. The overall process may take longer.

What is included

  • content removal request to infringing services
  • contacting registrar and hosting provider if necessary
  • on request we send you all emails as evidence

What is not included

  • individual report of removed content

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