I will do a functionality test on and meticulously check your web property for presentation errors for $69 per month

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Your website or other application should always perform as expected for all of your users. If by chance it doesn't, that always takes away from your bottom line due to potential customer(s) leaving or even abandoning their shopping cart.

What is included

  • I will run it on every major browser and even some that are not used as much and report findings to you. My service also includes any discovery of grammatical or other errors related to your copy.

What is not included

  • I need to make this clear. I will not check and can not be required to confirm the legality of the content used; nor will I check to make sure any terms of service is strictly adhered to by the webmaster(s). That is up to them, but I also will not be subjected to photos depicting objectionable content.

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Let me show you what I can accomplish for you. I am self-driven to help you succeed in helping to improve your web properties'/applications' user-experiences. The earlier things like this get discovered, the less they will end up costing your company in lost revenue. I earned a degree in Media Technology/Web and want to help you to improve the results you are getting from your web-properties.

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