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If you are looking for a short review article on your favorite board game, or just a board game that is popular, then I can lend my services! I can conduct research on the board game that you want to have reviewed and I can write a detailed article of it.

What is included

  • -I will write a board game article of 700 words minimum.
  • -I can write about board games for any age demographic, as long as the game's content is clean.
  • -I can include a conclusion part to the article.
  • -Article delivery within 3 days maximum.
  • -50/50 author's credit for the article.

What is not included

  • -I can't exceed well past the 700 words limit.
  • -I can't guarantee that I've played the reviewed board game myself, so I can't always write based on my own gaming experiences.
  • -I can't write for every board game theme. (Role Playing Game, Horror Game, some Science Fiction, etc.)
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