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I am a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader with over ten years of experience. I have prepared books for publication as an editor, proofreader and ghostwriter, have worked on the writing staff of daily newspapers and weekly magazines, and have written for national magazines. I have a BA from Rhode Island College.

I will prepare, as writer, editor, ghostwriter, or proofreader, up to 1,000 words of content for $10.00, a substantial discount of my standard rate of $0.03 per word. I can prepare content that is more than 1,000 words for an additional $5.00 per 500 words, up to 2,500 words. Initial order of 1,000 words will be completed in fewer than 48 hours; additional content as needed.

What is included

  • One revision to the draft of 1,000 words is included, as are consultations during the initial 48-hour turnaround time and during the revision process. Each additional 500 words purchased includes a single additional revision, up to 2,500 words, as well as consultations.

What is not included

  • Academic work--any work to be submitted for a grade by a person studying in an institution at any level--is not included or applicable. I can prepare academic work only for higher rates.

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I am a freelance writer and editor with over ten years of experience. I specialize in adapting my writing to desired voices and writing styles. I have written for daily newspapers, national consumer magazines, local magazines, online news outlets, and a number of other clients. I have edited books for publication and have prepared projects as a ghostwriter and consultant. I enjoy working on projects that are new to me, and am especially effective working with narratives and with fiction, as I have a particular focus and background in theatre, playwriting, and songwriting.

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