I will do a professional voiceover in Spanish for $50

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Send me your script in Spanish and I will produce a professional recording. Your choice of .wav, . mp3 or OggVorbis delivered to your Inbox in 48 hours or less.


What is included

  • Recording and edition of script you supply.
  • Contact me if your script is in English and you would like it translated into Spanish or if you would like me to read it in English with a slight Spanish accent.
  • One (1) revision. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will do one additional recording of the same, identical script.

What is not included

  • Any proofing of an independently translated script.

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I happily earn a living assisting people who find themselves in need of help within Spanish-related areas. I offer translation and interpretation services, on-line and on-site Spanish courses to corporations as well as individuals, voice-overs and inter-cultural remediation sessions. My on-line activities revolve around self-guided workshops to learn Spanish and one-on-one video sessions. Hobbies: "Anything Spanish" & competitive archery.

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