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If you need one of my services urgently, then pay this rush fee. Otherwise, projects are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Please watch your inbox for questions from me as I may need clarification before starting work.

Thank you for your understanding!

What is included

  • Your project gets bumped to the front of the line.

What is not included

  • This is an add-on fee. You still need to order the service needed
  • If there is a rush project in front of yours, your rush project will be the next in line.

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I have a passion for helping business owners succeed. I love meeting new owners and learning their niche in the business world. Part of what makes you successful is spending time honing your craft, not learning software and doing admin work! That is where I come in. I have 25 years of experience and I guarantee you that I can run circles around your administrative staff. Hire me for the special projects that no one has time for! Don’t see a service listed here that you need? Let’s chat and come up with a specialized package that fits your needs. My 25 years of experience is extensive; anything from administrative assistant to lead of a design project of an e-commerce web site, to managing a trade organization’s membership benefits, to tax consulting for multinational companies. My marketing background, administrative skills and economics degree mean that you are getting a highly skilled and competent virtual assistant! What gets me excited in the morning? Getting an opportunity to help business professionals like you! Let’s help you smash through that project that has been hanging around your to do list for far too long!

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