I will enter data from web and other sources (including audio) to spreadsheets or any other format required. for $9 per hour

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I am excellent at typing jobs since I have developed a talent for typing or in this case entering data to computer programs from a young age, and I believe that I have the potential to provide the fastest data entering service most of the people out there could only hope for. I have a lot of free time since I am a college student who only have practical classes to attend to and nothing left to do in free time. So, I'd rather use this opportunity to make a few bucks for this priceless talent that I possess. Note to yourself that if you're using my services, you would notice that my work would be error free and in a neatly organized manner.

What is included

  • I will be able to provide updates of the progress daily with customer, and am willing to further negotiate terms if needed.
  • The payment has to be processed via Paypal as soon as the task in hand has been completed.

What is not included

  • I will try to do all the tasks requested by the customer as long as it is within my abilities.

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My name is Ahmed Hussain. I am an Aircraft engineering student. I have lots of free time and hence I will be providing services such as data entry, web research, transcribing, fluent working with Microsoft office programs and graphic designing up to some extent.I also provide other services depending on the customer and my availability, upon request. I am also fluent in English, and I have a talent for typing. So If there is any need for any sort of jobs that require 'typing' then certainly I am the person you are looking for.

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