I will transcribe any audio or video material you have accurately regardless of recording quality, content or accents involved for $15 per hour

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Dear clients!

Tired of hiring freelance transcribers who claim to be native speakers but produce transcripts riddled with grammatical errors and fragmented sentences?

Tired of having your transcription project subcontracted from one freelancer to another, ending up with a low quality transcript produced by a newbie pressured under unrealistically short deadlines?

Tired of freelancers who are unable to transcribe your audio or video material simply because they are unfamiliar with the accents involved?

I have ample firsthand experience personally completing several transcription projects with a wide range of different accents ranging from Singaporean to Caribbean, and all sorts of different content as well ranging from computer science to politics. Group meetings, interviews, conferences, webinars, you name it. I have done them all!

I absolutely do not subcontract any of my transcription projects. All of my transcription projects are done entirely by myself. I will not quietly hire somebody else to transcribe for me. You will get exactly what you pay for if you hire me.

Note: I charge $15 for every hour spent transcribing, not for every hour of audio file to be transcribed.

What is included

  • 1- Transcription of any audio or video material from start to finish.
  • 2- Time stamps included for each speaker.
  • 3- Ample revisions and proofreads for each transcript prior to submission.
  • 4- Daily updates and constant communication throughout the duration of the project.
  • 5- (Optional) written content creation based on the transcripts produced.

What is not included

  • 1. Forced/hard guarantee deadlines. This is a quality-oriented transcription service I am offering. I will not accept requests to cut corners just to hand in transcriptions in record time. Accuracy and meticulousness is what I promise with my service, not typing speed or delivery time.
  • 2. Free samples. I will not entertain any requests for free work, even for evaluation purposes. Take a look at my portfolio items and client reviews if you need proof of my expertise.
Rinor Ramli

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I am seeking clients who are in need to have their English audio/video materials transcribed by a me, a genuinely expert transcriber with a real track record of having successfully transcribed various audio/video files of varying content, regional accents, number of speakers and sound quality. As of this year I am also expanding my services into proofreading written documents of any kind - articles, books, catalogs, reports and academic papers. I distinguish myself by maintaining a very strict stance of never farming out or subcontracting my work under any circumstances whatsoever. All of my work is done 100 percent on my own without ever sourcing to anyone else. There will be no false promises, BS excuses and time-wasting - only good quality work with regular communication and commitment to meeting deadlines.

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