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Are you interested in making cosmetics..? Here is your chance..

Cosmetic field is a very exciting area.. there are very complicated, Expensive products.. but some of them can be easily produce.. I'm a cosmetic formulator in Reebonn cosmetics in SriLanka. I'm the R& D executive and I'm doing various kinds of formulations and analyzing their effects. By doing it I produce the quality product with my crew. I can formulate the product that you want.Not only that,But also i will formulate a quality product and cost effective one.. All the manufacturing procedure will be given and all the questions will be solved.. Try it.. You can made your own face wash, shampoo , Conditioner, Fairness cream, Cologne and many more..

What is included

  • cosmetic formulation, manufacturing procedure and product spec will be provided.

What is not included

  • I will not courier the sample
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I am a cosmetic formulator in a reputed company in Sr Lanka... I have completed a Master of Science in Applied Organic chemistry at the University of Colombo..Currently, I'm also a chemistry instructor, and I always teach chemistry in a manner that is so simple, anyone can understand. Please contact me for formulation concerns.

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