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Google is a clever beast, constantly altering website rankings according to incoming traffic, back links, and the quality and relevance of content.

I specialise in creating effective landing page a web copy to convince prospective customers that THEY need YOU.

High-quality, keyword-rich content is a powerful way to drive organic traffic to your website and can make a huge difference to profits in the long run.

All my content, no matter the niche or industry, is 100% original, relevant and geared towards conversions.

Placing sub-par, poorly worded content on your website or landing page sends the wrong message to clients and Google knows this!

Let me help you drive traffic to your business with relevant and effective content!

What is included

  • 500 words of quality and original content specific to your industry. This content is clearly structured with subtitles and may contain some suggested design and placement notes.

What is not included

  • I am a word guy through and through. My content DOES NOT contain images of any kind.
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I am an active research Neuroscientist at the University of Manchester. I also own part of a growing Manchester based marketing agency where I serve as Senior Copywriter on a part-time basis. I have a very strong background in objective driven science but am now pursuing copy-writing and content creation more readily after a number of years perfecting my craft. Strengths: -Scientific background (BSc, MRes, PhD Pending Sept 2018): Planning, time keeping, driven, methodical, problem solving, conveying work and ideas to non-specialised audiences -Senior Copywriter: Experienced with many styles of writing, great client service, deep grasp of English, work to strict deadlines Projects and particular fortes: -Science Blog: I own and write at scienceguysupplements.com which is a blog dedicated to debunking pseudoscience and misleading health claims. This highlights some of the more punchy but educational work I can produce. I very much enjoy writing about science especially Biology. Despite moving slowly away from the subject it remains my first love! -Landing page and website copy: More recently I have been producing significant amounts of high-quality landing page and web copy for a variety of clients in multiple sectors including Finance, Mortgages, Debt Management, Visa Applications, Dentistry and Insurance. The majority of this work focused on generating organic leads for a business e.g. by encouraging data entry in forms. At this point, I feel I can turn my hand to practically any industry. Final Note: All my work is fully-researched, well-cited (where necessary) and contains naturally placed keywords as standard to assist with SEO and web rankings. I work well within deadlines and require little guidance for smaller projects. I'm fully confident I'm the writer for you :)

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