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Walking into you local wine or cigar shop can be a daunting event. Tons of bottles, lots of of options. Cigars of all shapes and sizes. Do I buy red or white, are cigars from the Dominican better than those from Nicaragua, do I buy a big cigar or a small one?

Let me make the process easier for you. I'll provide wine or cigar recommendations that will make your life easier

What is included

  • 1-5 Wine and or cigar recommendations
  • Local options to make it easier to find the recommendations

What is not included

  • More than 5 recommendations

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I am a wine and cigar enthusiast and love to help people find great wine and cigars for their needs. A bold red for dinner or a light white for sipping by the pool. How about a Cuban cigar for a gift, or a Dominican for a poker game. I aim to offer you great ideas for any event.

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